Finalists 2023

The World of Fine Wine is pleased to announce the global winners of the World’s Best Wine Lists Awards

News and Current Affairs Website
of the Year

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Bloomberg News - Bloomberg UK
Financial Times -

Insider's News Division

PinkNews Website Relaunch

Sky News Mobile

The Telegraph Website & App

Specialist/B2B Journalism Website
of the Year

 Carbon Brief

Mark Allen Group: Farmers Weekly’

 Financial Times - Due Diligence
 Insider's Venture Capital & Startups Team

New Scientist

Schools Week

Future of Media Innovation of the Year

 Financial Times - FT Edit

➤ PinkNews

 Reach PLC - Daily Star's Lettuce v Lis Truss live stream

 Reach PLC - WhatsApp Communities

➤ SoPublishing

News Media App of the Year

Financial Times - FT Edit

 informed News

➤ PinkNews mobile apps relaunch

➤ Stonebow Media - MyLocal (Lincolnshire)

The Spectator

Online Video of the Year

 Bloomberg – The Deadly Side of TikTok Viral Challenges

 Independent TV – The Body in the Woods

Reach - Daily Star's Lettuce v Liz Truss live stream

 The Economist - How China crushed Hong Kong

The Times & Sunday Times – Simon Parker

 The Times - British Gas breaking into the homes of the vulnerable


Data Journalism of the Year

 Anti-Corruption Data Collective

Bloomberg - Consumers Foot the Bill for Traders 'Manipulating' UK Power Market

➤ British Medical Association - The Doctor magazine online

 Her Campus Media - "Our Body, Our Rights"

Sky News and Tortoise Media - Westminster Accounts

 The Sunday Times - The Crimes With No Charges

Newsletter of the Year

 Bloomberg - The Readout

 Financial Times - Inside Politics

 Reach PLC - The Northern Agenda

 TES - Tes Magazine

 The Bristol Cable - 'The Bristol Round-Up'

 The Economist - Cover Story

➤ The Spectator - Evening Blend

 Which? - The Weekly Scoop

Audience Growth of the Year 

 Bluebean Publishing Ltd - The BV magazine - The Audience Team

 Reach PLC - Nationals Social Media team

 Reach PLC - WhatsApp Communities

➤ The Kyiv Independent

 The Sun website

Digital Storytelling  

➤ Financial Times Visual Storytelling Team - Quantum computing could break the internet. This is how

➤ Financial Times Visual Storytelling Team - Inside North Korea's oil smuggling: triads, ghost ships and underground banks

 Sky News Data & Forensic Unit - Mariupol: Russia's New Model City in Ukraine

➤ Sky News Special Report: Ukraine's missing children: How 15 orphans escaped Ukraine and the thousands left behind

 The Telegraph - The Lockdown Files investigation

 Times Media - Truth Social: Inside the mind of Donald Trump


 Daily Mail – The Trial of Lucy Letby

  Financial Times – Hot Money

 The Economist – The Prince

 The Times & Sunday Times – Stories of our Times

 Tinkertown Provisions – My Inevitable Murder: A True-ish Crime Podcast

 Whistledown Productions – Please Protect Abraham